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What is Digital Bricks?

Digital bricks brings the power of digital technology to make Brand Owners and Brick and Mortar Retailers competitive and rapidly. Easily manage your multi-unit and franchise businesses with no IT department, no hardware or software to maintain, and easy to use plug and play solutions that integrate your business from the back office to greeting your customer.

What are the features of Digital Bricks?

Manage your business and captivate your customers using plug n play solutions. Some Features are as follows :–
✔ Its Omni Channel à Grow your business in retail stores, online stores, mobile apps and any other way of transactions with your customer.
✔ Cloud Based à Your business data are always in sync with our real time cloud servers and secured by regular data backups.
✔ Easy Installation à From signup to go live it will take just few hours to start your business. Try it now with an absolutely free trial.
✔ Analytics available à Get sales trends, profit & loss analysis, location wise reports and more from our smart data extraction engine.
✔ See Real Time Inventory à Our inventory lets you to manage real time stocks across different stores present in different locations.
✔ Multi unit Franchise Management à Cloud based program that allows you to manage all your locations from one program and assign varying roles and responsibilities.

How Can I access Digital Bricks?

Access Digital Bricks anyway you like – from your mobile phone, tablet, laptop and even a PC if you still have one. As long as you have Internet access you can access your information and all data real-time and accessible 24/7.

Do I need my own server to host Digital Bricks?

Absolutely not! We store our data in the cloud so your data is accessible anywhere anytime and you no longer have to play engineer in addition to running your business. Leave the servers and maintenance to the techies so you can focus on your business.

What is the advantage to putting Digital Bricks in the Cloud?

The Advantages are as follows :

  • Business data is always in sync with our real time Cloud servers and secured by regular data backups.
  • Maintenance expenses are reduced, as an IT team to manage a local server is no longer needed.
  • There’s higher security against theft and pilferage as the data is in the Cloud and transactions can’t be deleted or manipulated.
  • Access to real time updates of your business 24/7.

How easy is it for Digital Bricks to scale with me as my business grows and I need to add new outlets?

It’s easy to add a new outlet or distribution center to your account. You can do it from the system itself and if you have any problems our Support Team will be happy to help you.  Our system grows with you so you don’t need to look for a new system as your business grows.


How do I quickly see how my business is doing in terms of sales, profit, turnover, etc.?

From our Dashboard you can easily see a summary of Revenue, number of Orders, and your Cost and Profit Margins. You can also quickly compare how today’s sales are doing to prior time periods.  Sales by source (in store, vs. online, vs. delivery, etc.) are also analyzed so you can see where your traffic is coming from.



Can Digital Bricks provide customized reporting?

We have numerous standard reports and if these don’t meet your needs we can definitely create customized reports for your business.  Some customized reports may incur additional charges.

Can we get more customized graphs as per as our need?

We can create Customized graphs as per as your needs, but only when enough statistical data have been created.