Your business needs much more than just an ERP! In a digitally connected world you can pair your in store transactions with your inventory, your purchasing, your loyalty programs, your online presence, your marketing campaigns, and much more – enhancing both the top and the bottom line! The Digital Bricks platform digitizes your entire business by offering easy to use apps that monitor your inventory giving you real-time visibility on popular items, insight on employee performance, automating orders from server to kitchen and from order to production to delivery, all using the latest cloud technology on familiar and easy to use tablets. Increased real-time visibility and control over your business allows you to provide innovative and targeted customer experiences for every outlet’s demographics.

Innovative Experiences

Cloud SaaS product that lets you manage your business from inventory, to POS, to staffing.

Launch Instantly

Get your business live within 24 hours. Easy to use for staff: intuitive mobile app design.

Easy to Manage

Real-time data on sales, inventory, profit, etc. all at your fingertips: anywhere, anytime.


Low monthly cost per outlet. Zero IT costs for servers, zero for maintenance, zero for staff.

Our Solution




  • Ideal for small businesses just starting out or ready to grow, such as QSRs, cafés, clothing boutiques, pharmacies, gift shops, etc.
    • Billing
    • Dashboard
    • Real-time Reports
    • Kitchen Order Tickets
    • Offline Mode
    • Payment Integration
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  • Designed for multi-outlet businesses and franchisers that want to move to a mobile and tablet system that ties customer activity to back office management in real-time.
  • Everything in Starter Plus:
    • Electronic KOT
    • Inventory
    • Mobile POS
    • Menu / Catalog
    • Production Process
    • Barcode Support
    • Delivery Management
    • Call Center
    • Multi Outlets
    • Kiosks
    • Business Analytics
    • Payment Integration
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  • Perfect for enterprise businesses or large franchises whose needs require some customization and are looking to boost efficiency and revenue across outlets.
  • Everything in Professional Plus:
    • Customization Support
    • Account Manager
    • Enterprise Reporting
    • Multi Location Analytics
    • Change Management Support
    • Branded Portal
    • Branded App
    • API Access & Integration
    • Marketing Promotion Programs
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About Us

Our crew which powers Digital Bricks comes from all walks of life, but one thing we all share in common is our passion for helping budding enterprises of the world. We want to be able to give the same technology advantages that the Fortune 500 companies have but growing organizations can not afford. Each of us brings a unique business experience and perspective. We’ve been in your shoes before and our products reflect it.

Our global team spans from Bangalore to San Francisco and we spend a lot of time burning the midnight oil!! We have a diverse team with many years of experiences.

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